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Olde Interiors Dorking

Our business is based on the principal of lowering what we waste out of our homes

This being Furniture, Decor, Kitchens, Material, basically anything you can think of that may be used for furnishing by filtering these pieces back into homes or into new homes through the power of Reclaiming, Refurbishing and Refinishing.

At Olde interiors we offer a wide range of home decor products, including Homewares, Furniture and Refinishing services.

Our products are designed to meet the highest standards of quality, with all our products which are locally reclaimed for e.g. our bestsellers the Slate Table Coasters which reclaimed from a 150 year old slate roof in Holmbury St. Mary, then cut by us, patterned then glazed.

Where possible  we refinish them with unwanted materials. But we are fully aware that this isn’t always possible so if we do buy new we always use sustainable and responsibly sourced material which is fit for its intended purpose and educate our buyers with this knowledge.

We strive to always better and explore and experiment to find the better solution where ever possible to make our products as sustainable as we can.

  • Reclaiming, reusing and refurbishing
  • Re-homing good unwanted furniture
  • Saving items from landfill
  • Local family business with a sustainable ethos at it’s heart

Let us waste less, so you can keep more.
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