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River Mole River Watch is a coming together of individuals and groups who care about the river, including established groups such as Friends of the River Mole Leatherhead (FoRML), Friends of the River Mole Molesey (FORMM), and new groups springing up in Reigate, Horley, and Dorking.

Many of us wish to take action because of the conspicuous failure of government and The Environment Agency to defend our rivers from pollution. Our aim is to co-ordinate the efforts of concerned local citizens to:

Our commitment to the environment

  • Regularly test the water quality in the river and its tributaries, and make results known to the community and responsible agencies.
  • Monitor the state of the river, spotting and reporting pollution events and areas of concern.
  • Raise awareness of the state of the river through delivering talks, distributing information, and social media.
  • Work with everyone who can improve the situation, including householders, farmers, manufacturers, business operators, water treatment companies.
  • Hold to account those who have responsibility, in particular the local water treatment company, Thames Water, and the Environment Agency.
  • Campaign to press for action to improve the situation by lobbying politicians, companies and organisations.

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