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Zero Guildford

Heat Pumps: What Can They Do For Your Energy Costs, and How Satisfied Will You Be?

ZERO, 168 High St, Guildford GU1 3HW, UK

92% of UK residents who have installed a heat pump are ‘highly satisfied’ with its performance after 2 winters according to Government stats.

So if customers who have heat pumps are so satisfied with their performance, why does uptake remain so low amongst the general population? And is a heat pump right for your home?

Two thirds of Surrey’s homes have energy performance ratings of D or below, or no rating at all. This means that the vast majority of us are paying unnecessarily large energy bills as heat escapes our inefficient homes.   

This poor energy performance also creates a challenge for installing technology which can save residents money, keep our homes cosy and free of health risks such as damp and mould, and cut emissions.   

One such technology is heat pumps, and whilst the UK can be proud of being the first country to declare binding emissions targets to ensure a secure future for our children, we are now way behind on heat pump installations, with only 3% of Surrey homes having installed such a measure, and a shockingly low 5% of new builds having heat pumps.   To be able to tackle climate change targets in Surrey we need around £400m investment from national government, but so far that number is stalled at less than £25m.   

We’ll be joined by Bean Beanland from the Heat Pump Federation to discuss: 

  • why we’re we lagging behind with such a game-changing technology  
  • what can we do about this collaboratively, as Surrey communities  
  • how you can be sure a heat pump will work for you 
  • how to find trusted installers as well as potential funding

We’ll also be joined by Action Surrey, the local authority’s delivery agent for Government funding of energy effiency grants, so you will have the opportunity to chat about finding trusted tradespeople, and how we can work collaboratively across organisations to fill the gaps in assessors and installers across Surrey.

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