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Stop Following Me – a brand new youth-led campaign

Young people want advertisers to stop following them when they spend time online

The harmful practice of surveillance advertising is putting them under increasing pressure to over-consume – which is harming their mental and physical health, as well as contributing to climate change.

Over the past two years, Global Action Plan has been working with 14-16-year-old campaigners across the UK to identify the ways in which the Big Tech business model hurts them and the planet.

The young campaigners have gone on to build a campaign – Stop Following Me – which calls for a ban on surveillance advertising to under 18s and the end of marketing tactics which encourage impulse purchasing.

Stop following me campaign

Watch video

The campaign includes a youth statement of demands, a film, and a series of actions enabling young people and organisations campaigning in this space to call for change, including social media posts and template letters to MPs – all created by the young campaigners themselves.  

You can support the campaign by sharing the film and information with your wider school community e.g. in newsletters, in a school assembly or by asking parents to take action.

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