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Remembering TEDxDorking

Whilst mooching around the internet, as you do if you are a geek like me, I came across a brilliant Dorking event which had fallen off my radar.

TEDxDorking took place on 28th October 2016 from 10.00am – 4.15pm. The theme was “Metamorphosis – creative responses to 21st century challenges.”

MVDC’s council chamber was turned in to a TV studio for the day where all three sessions of TEDxDorking were filmed in HD and live streamed over the web, receiving more than 1,200 views.

TEDxDorking was a first for our town. The organisers did a brilliant job bringing together an amazing group of speakers to create an unforgettable event impacting our community and beyond. The hope was to inspire the audience to take-up life-changing initiatives of their own. Thinking about our community landscape today, I would say without doubt the good people of Dorking have really embraced this. Look at all the wonderfulinitiatives taking place around the town, many of which involve businesses and individuals who are also now Circular Dorking members.

So much has happened globally, within the UK and in our little corner of the world since 2016. I really hope TEDxDorking version 2 will happen at some point so we can respond to these challenges.

Until then, I would strongly suggest a meander down memory lane for those of you who attended (either in person or on the live-stream); and for those who until now knew nothing about this wonderful event, explore the extraordinary range of speaker using the links below. 

Grab a cuppa and a cake – local of course 🙂 – and enjoy.


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