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Have you got truckloads of old computer and tech equipment?

Getting rid of tech locally

How many cupboards full of old computer and tech items do we have at home and in the workplace? It’s getting out of hand – right?  It is not equipment you can put into standard recycling bins, so what can be done to avoid it going into landfill and decaying away over centuries or more?

What if you could solve your waste problem in an environmentally sound and self funding way and help charities at the same time? You can and it’s, CIRCULAR!

What’s the solution?

Well, Surrey is lucky! CPR Computer Recycling, based in Godstone, Surrey, has a nationwide operation collecting old computer equipment, securely wiping all data and then refurbishing and selling equipment to support charities as well as reusing parts.

Your data will be gone! A certificate showing the data has been properly removed can be sent directly to you AND your computer will not end up in landfill.

A truly Circular Operation!  

How do I use them?

For businesses: they collect in Surrey/Sussex/Kent.

For individuals: you can take equipment to their depot or send via the postal company EVRI for a small fee.

Here’s more information. Watch a 1 minute video about CPR Computer Recycling.

What can I send them?

These are the kinds of things that can go to CPR Computer Recycling:

Desktop computers, computer monitors, laptops and netbooks, keyboards, mouse, servers, tablets, mobile and smart phones, printers, projectors, amplifiers and speakers, network hubs/switches, flat screen televisions and display panels, cables/chargers and adapters.

How do I get in touch?

For businesses, schools, government departments, hospitals, charities:
Contact CPR Computer Recycling to arrange a free collection.

For individuals:
Either drop off at their depot in Godstone or use the EVRI postal service for a small fee.

See link

If you can’t get your old equipment to CPR Computer Recycling, contact us and we will help you.  

Let’s all be part of the solution, to reduce waste in our society.
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