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FoodFloat Community Interest Company

The start of the story

Thirteen years ago, after a successful challenge to a major inappropriate supermarket development in Dorking, a campaign group of 5 ladies said “what next for our local and more sustainable food”. FoodFloat was born at that point: local food for local people from local supplier/producers and involving the local community.

What isn’t to like and admire about that idea. FoodFloat started small as a little market stall. Wind on 13 years, it now has two large market stalls every week, delivers to customers and has an online shop. It supplies over a tonne of produce every week to Dorking and the surrounding villages. It even has blokes involved now!

It’s amazing what local seasonal produce is available within just 20 miles of Dorking

The business was formed as a community interest community, it has a network of volunteers who help-out and employs 2.5 staff. Financial surplus and stall collections go to Foodbank to circulate back into the community. Further close collaboration with Mid Surrey Community Fridge also helps to minimise any waste and help with the cost-of-living crisis.

The Ethos…

…is about thinking for the future:  encouraging other local low-impact producer businesses, reusing (egg boxes, jars, glass bottles, bags), minimising any waste, minimising plastic use, having no air-miles for transport of products,  sharing transport with other businesses like Village Greens at Denbies and Kingfishers watercress farm in Abinger.

FoodFloat is in the process of obtaining a LoCase grant to help procure a  hand electric delivery van to replace its diesel van.

Electricity to run the refrigerators is from Scottish Power energy supplier, a company supplying 100% renewable electricity and owning/investing in their own wind/solar/hydro power. Lighting is all LED.

FoodFloat isn’t perfect and still has lots more to do to become truly sustainable and circular. It’s a step by step journey and one that we can see others in Dorking and Surrey following

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