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New Pickleball Group in Dorking

A new Pickleball Group will launch at 1 pm on Thursday 21st March.

The group will comprise members drawn from Dorking U3A and Odd Fellows as this joint venture is similar to the existing Badminton Group run at Odd Fellows Hall.

Pickleball will be held between 1 pm and 3 pm every Thursday at the Odd Fellows Hall in Dorking High Street.

This is a new group and as such I expect most people will be learning to play the game. I have been playing for several months and can tell you from my own experience that it is a fairly easy game to become relatively proficient in a short space of time. We will be playing in a fun learning environment!

I have purchased a pickleball start-up kit that includes the net, 4 bats, and balls (so you do not have to have to buy a bat!).

You can come along to one session for free to see if it is for you. After this, you should be a member of U3A (£16 pa) and/or Odd Fellows (£25 pa). 

An initial, one-off payment of £10 to cover the cost of equipment and tea and coffee.

There will be NO weekly charge to play a session.

I hope to see you all on Thursday 21st March. Pickleball can be quite addictive and it is a way of keeping fit and having fun at the same time while making new friends

To find out more information contact me,  

Please contact Nicholas Jupp

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